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Wooden & Bamboo Ware

Bamboo Rice Scoop / Rice Paddle
US $ 1.00
Item# 04c-KK5210
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Solid Color Lacquered Chopsticks
Item# 01-MIY-C11/13
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Wooden Dumpling Skin Roller
US $ 1.95
Item# 07-KK005
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Wooden Ladle - 10.5 Long
US $ 5.25
Item# 05a-KKT-KZB0225
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Bamboo Dish
Item# 03g-KK447/88
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Wooden Rice Paddle / Rice Scoop - Dark Brown
US $ 1.75
Item# 04c-SHU-F6136
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Green Tone Bamboo Square Tray - 7in. Sq.
US $ 6.95
Item# 03g-KKT-KNDB2293
Chopsticks with Bamboo Case
US $ 2.95
Item# 00-FUJ-CC71/2
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Japanese Wooden Chopsticks
Item# 01-MIY-C-6/7
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Bamboo Tongs
Item# 05b-HAR-4035/4042
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Night Scene Design Red Chopsticks - 5 pairs/Pk
US $ 2.95
Item# 02-KKT-KCPB1050
Black Lacquered Round Wooden Chopsticks
US $ 5.95
Item# 02-FUJ-WJ10/B
Japanese Wooden Chopsticks (10 pairs)
US $ 5.50
Item# 02-GLO-2961
Disposable Wooden Chopsticks
US $ 2.95
Item# 02e-ZLT-14206A
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Curve Handle Wooden Ladle / Spoon
US $ 2.50
Item# 05a-GLO-5648
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